Project Greengrass
Project Greengrass is a free online community map of real-time street activity monitoring using CCTV networks. It allows the community to have a view on what’s happening in their barangays or cities such as people count and vehicle count. With Project Greengrass, local government authorities can efficiently manage their operations and staff and help them ensure that the enhanced community quarantine protocols are followed.
*To ensure the integrity and validity of the data, only local government units and registered businesses can be camera contributors.
Community Benefits
Everyone will now have a real-time data of movement in the streets and with this data:
Local government units can easily deploy additional manpower or emergency teams in areas with high numbers of people of vehicles.
Local government units and authorities can spot which areas are not following the enhanced community quarantine protocols and as such immediately do corrective actions
Supplement the existing manpower of the local authorities. LGUs will now have additional ‘watchers’ in the community especially in those hard to reach areas.
Local government units can improve their response time if there are violators in the area.
Local government units have additional help in ensuring that the community is safe and secured.
Members of the community can alert or send a report to authorities of violators in their areas.
Ultimately, minimizing the impact of COVID19!
Contribution Process
To ensure validity and integrity of the data, only local government units and enterprises can be camera contributors.
Accomplish The Form
Complete the Project Greengrass Contributor Form and accept the data privacy terms and conditions.
Camera Integration
Project Greengrass team will directly contact you to get more information. The team will integrate your cameras to the system.
View Dashboard
View the data from your cameras in the community map.
Have more questions? See our FAQs or send us an email at [email protected].
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