General FAQs
What is Project Greengrass?
Project Greengrass is a free online community map of real-time street activity monitoring using CCTV networks. It allows the community to have a view on what’s happening in their barangays or cities such as people count and vehicle count. With Project Greengrass, local government authorities can efficiently manage their operations and staff and help them ensure that the enhanced community quarantine protocols are followed.
What are the community benefits of Project Greengrass?
Everyone will now have a real-time data of movement in the streets and with this data:
  • Local government units can easily deploy additional manpower or emergency teams in areas with high numbers of people of vehicles.
  • Local government units and authorities can spot which areas are not following the enhanced community quarantine protocols and as such immediately do corrective actions.
  • Supplement the existing manpower of the local authorities. LGUs will now have additional ‘watchers’ in the community especially in those hard to reach areas.
  • Local government units can improve their response time if there are violators in the area.
  • Local government units have additional help in ensuring that the community is safe and secured.
  • Members of the community can alert or send a report to authorities of violators in their areas.
  • How does Project Greengrass gather data on street activities?
    Project Greengrass gathers data from CCTV systems installed in your area. The more cameras integrated in the Project, the more accurate and detailed the data will be.
    What data can I see in the online community map?
    The data that can be viewed in the community dashboard are:
  • People Count
  • Location of Cameras
  • I want to be a contributor, how can I join and what are the requirements?
    To ensure the integrity and validity of the data, Project Greengrass camera contributors are open to local government units and businesses only. To be a contributor, just fill up this form and click send: Project Greengrass Team will assist you to integrate your cameras to the system.
    I have home camera/s, can I be a camera contributor?
    For now, Project Greengrass camera contributors can only be a local government unit or a business.
    Is this similar with the COVID tracker of the Department of Health?
    The system is entirely different from the COVID Tracker of the Department of Health. It provides a glimpse of the street activity particularly the count of people in an area at a given time.
    Will the system detect the people who are infected by COVID-19?
    No. The system doesn’t in any way detect or diagnose COVID-19 patients or Persons Under Investigation (PUIs). It only provides the count of persons in the location per minute.
    I visit the community map site but my barangay or city has no data, why?
    Your barangay or city does not have cameras connected to our systems yet. To help us cover more cities and barangays, please share the map to your barangay captains or mayors and refer our team. You may send your referral to [email protected].
    I do not have a camera or my camera doesn’t meet the requirements for integration, how can I join?
    You can still join the project by helping us get more camera contributors and promoting our project.
    I am having problems with the integration of my camera/s, who do I contact?
    For help and support on Project Greengrass, please email us at [email protected].
    CCTV system Integration
    Can all types of cameras be integrated into the Project Greengrass system?
    Only cameras with DVR/NVR and with FTP option can be integrated.
    Does your system require cameras to have a facial recognition feature?
    No. We only require that the cameras have DVR/NVR and an FTP option.
    What access do you need from our CCTV systems?
    To integrate, Project Greengrass team will provide you the FTP credentials which you will input in your CCTV admin settings. Then from your CCTV settings, you can choose which cameras will be integrated into our system.
    What does integration mean?
    Our system will upload snapshots from your camera per minute. It will process the snapshots and count the persons detected. We will feed the numbers to our analytics system and display it into a map.
    What is an NVR?
    A network video recorder (NVR) is a specialized computer system that includes a software program that records video in a digital format to a disk drive, USB flash drive, SD memory card or other mass storage device.
    What is an FTP?
    The file transfer protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol used for the transfer of computer files between a client and server on a computer network.
    Will you need the IP address of my camera?
    No. We only require that the cameras to be integrated have an NVR and FTP option to connect.
    Will there be a physical installation of my camera to your system?
    None. The set-up and integration of the cameras will be done online.
    Will your system store my video feeds?
    Yes, only for one (1) day for the processing of the video feeds and will be deleted immediately. You may request proof of data disposal anytime by sending an email to [email protected].
    Data Collection And Privacy
    Will other people have access to my camera?
    No. The public can only access the online real-time map of street activities which will show the following:
  • People Count
  • Location of Cameras
  • How will you secure our privacy and safety due to this being everything over the Internet?
    Our partner in cybersecurity, Testudo Inc., will be facilitating the safety and security of the application to be used. Rest assured all information will be kept in private.
    The Community Map
    Will other people have access to my camera?
  • The vertical lines mean the location of the cameras.
  • The height of the vertical lines and the colors show the no. of people detected in a minute where the camera is located.
  • Legends
  • Red means more than 11 persons detected.
  • Orange means 4-10 persons are detected.
  • Green means 0-3 persons are detected.
  • What are the other features of the community map?
  • Users can search for the location or barangay they want to view.
  • Activities or no. of persons per camera location.